Introduction to Crystal Porcelain Painting

Introduction to Crystal Porcelain Painting


Crystal Porcelain painting at is perhaps one of the most exciting art forms right now. Creating interactives between the fragile sophistication of porcelain and the glistening beauty of crystals produce the amazing results viewers find extremely satisfying.

No wonder that work of this designer art is gaining popularity among artists, decorators, and anybody interested in creating something sophisticated and artistic. Let’s find out more about this work together.


 What is Crystal Porcelain Painting?

A blend of crystal-infused paints spread onto a vase or a porcelain plate, crystallized porcelain painting involves. As a result, the painted objects feature a shining, often on-going complexion that resembles that of jewels embedded in them.

With a lot from which to choose, the possibilities are endless, and every selection has the potential to become a masterpiece.

Materials Needed

So, to start crystal porcelain painting, you will need a few things ready:

  • Porcelain Item: you can grab any porcelain thing you want to paint, starting from a mug or plate to a doll or animal figurine;
  • Crystal-Infused Paint: these specific paints are those that have microscopic particles of fine, reflective crystal to make the surface shine;
  • Brushes: I recommend using the soft ones to have fewer scratches and damages on the porcelain;
  • Clear Sealant: is required after the painting is finished;
  • Your Creative Spirit: do not forget to bring your creativity so that you can try making different combinations of design and patterns.

 Preparing Your Porcelain

The first step in Crystal Porcelain Painting is to prepare your porcelain. The item should be easy to paint on, which means that the surface should be clean and dry. There should be no presence of grease or dust.

However, you might want to lightly sand the item’s surface with fine-grit sandpaper to facilitate better adhesion of the paint.

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