Why do I join kigrumi Pro Program?

Want FREE canvas art? Want Cool canvas Painting? Join our pro program! We will ship the latest to you for FREE!

How do I join the Kigrumi Pro Program?

It’s easy! You could be a Youtuber, a senior Instagram user, a fashion icon, a respected member of a popular fashion forum or a content writer on a major clothing blog. As long as you can show enthusiasm with Wall art decor and are highly active on a major channel, we’ll be happy to work with you in our fantastic Pro

What kind of cool wall art can I get for FREE?

It all depends on your activity on the major channel. We’ll have a look at your product request and previous performance. If there’s a good match, we’ll ship the product to you for FREE. Alternatively, you can buy the item with a massive discount first. After the review is online and it performs well, we’ll be more than happy to reimburse you the full amount. As long as we’re both happy with the program, we’ll email you with news on our very latest products in your chosen area to see if you’d be happy to receive it for review.